A New Act

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Following a particularly good year, the circus decided to spend their profits on a human cannonball exhibit.
After the cannon was delivered, they realized the that the manufacturer got the dimensions all wrong. The barrel was so narrow that only a child could fit inside, and a child would never be allowed to perform such a dangerous act.

Months went by and the cannon remained unused, until one day the manager noticed an incredibly skinny man in the audience. After some negotiating the skinny man signed on with the circus. Not only did he fit in the canon, but he was a natural. The new exhibit soon became the main attraction.

Getting shot out of a cannon night after night began to take a toll on the new star's body, until eventually he'd had enough. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to resign", he told the manager.

"You can't quit!" the manager exclaimed, "I'll never find another performer of your caliber."

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