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Welcome to the
Nanooks' clan homepage,
I am both Creator/Clan Leader Snowqueen381. Nanooks has been around since Classic Runescape and was recently re-formed up on November 8th, 2015. We are therefore currently accepting new "Recruits" into our clan. Below you will find:
(A) Basic Clan Information
(B) How To Join
(C) List Of Rules (subject to changes)
(D) List Of Things We Do
(E) List of Current Available "jobs" in Nanooks (subject to changes)
(F) Current Event(s) (subject to changes)
(A) Basic Clan Information
-Our clan name Nanooks is derived from an Eskimo word meaning "Great Bear" or 'polar bear'.
-Our clan motto is: "Sometimes we are Individuals, other times we are Friends on a Runescape 3 adventure."
-Nanooks clan Leaders include:
-Home worlds are:
Clan Recruitment world 82
Role-Playing Server world 42
United States (Eastcoast 2) world 98
and their corresponding free-to-play (none-member) worlds 8, 41 and Clan Wars world 80.
(B) How To Join
-Contact either myself, Snowqueen381, or another clan leader listed above in the Basic Clan Information, or go to our clan recruitment page and leave a message there: 87-88-83-65702929.

(C) List Of Rules (subject to changes)

1. Do not take the Lord's name in vain in chat (as I am a Christian)
2. Do not use the word "condemnation" in chat
3. If your name is found to be offensive, you will be turned down and not allowed to join Nanooks.
If you do break a clan rule (or a runescape rule), you will be given a warning (unless multiple people "report" you, then the punishment may not be restricted by just myself or the clan Council); if you break a rule (or runescape rule) more than once, you will be subject to punishment by me or the Nanooks' Council, final say in all judgements are mine (clan Owner).

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(Page2) of Nanooks' clan homepage

(D) List Of Things We Do
-Holiday Events
-Any Mini-games
-Pvping (or not)
-Skilling (or not)
-Sometimes we have monthly clan events like a White Elephant Party, or a Drop Party, or a Birthday Party, etc.

(E) List Of Available "jobs" In The Clan Include
-Ambassador...a person authorized to represent a state or sovereign as a messenger.
-Archancellor...highest Judge, or chief adviser.
-Bishop...a spiritual supervisor/leader
-Council...a body of selected individuals who are Nanooks' monthly clan meetings, who advise, make plans, cast judgement, and or vote on my behalf (Snowqueen381's).
-Elder..a senior member of the clan who is treated with respect
-Hunter...anyone working towards or has already earned their level 99 Hunter cape. Someone who can teach new Hunters to the clan.
-Paladin...a holy warrior, protector of Fallador our Clan Camp's home base, and protector of all Temples.
-Skill Master...anyone who has achieved 99 out of 99 skills cape and can teach others about their skills, including how to best make gold or just level up quickly for achievement goals.
Woodcutter...anyone working towards or has already achieved level 99 woodcutting cape.

(F) Current Event(s)
No events scheduled.
And Thank YOU for reading Nanooks' homepage thread, we look forward to you joining us, or just hanging out. (Please note, clan chat is open for clan members and guests both.)

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Rich Shadows
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Rich Shadows

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Clan leadership is a complete joke

I personally did everything and managed the clan then the owner comes on complaining that i did not let her know i promoted a few recruits to full members however she was offline for a week and a half. keep in mind i recruited the entire 20 members and personally helped each and every single one so after getting to know a few people they got promoted i also was the only one setting events and doing them.

I will be leaving this clan and making my own, all that i recruited and helped are welcome to follow i can say that snowqueens clan is mainly a social clan and will have no events/bossing due to her being a low lvl and not being able to host them honestly she is no different then one of the low lvl recruits

20-Dec-2015 19:32:50



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So this is how someone who causes problems and lies, responds to demotion and eviction from my clan, I would hope that an experienced player would act more mature. Good riddance. Wallowing in self-pity helps noone. And just so everyone knows, I am sick and recovering from influenza, so that is why I was offline so much time.

15-Jan-2016 14:56:00

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