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Whats A Kity

Whats A Kity

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I am a member of the clan "Flames of Revenge".

Due to declining membership, our clan has been inactive for several months just like many other clans. We closed our citadel, blocked all access, and expected our citadel to remain at tier 7. Fortunately, with the introduction of the Invention skill, a lot of old players have returned! We just reopened our citadel, and we were utterly shocked and disappointed.


Until just yesterday, our citadel was tier 7, and the official Runescape hiscores said exactly as much. Why did we lose 5 citadel tiers in a single day? We worked years for our ranking, and due to some yet unexplained phenomena, our clan has lost its prestige. We did everything in our power to preserve our tier 7 citadel. Could someone please explain why we have been sent back to the dark ages?

Thank you for your time.

29-Jan-2016 04:18:04

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