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Evil Jojo said:
Hey Lucine, sorry if I didn't make my point clear, Enhanced Devoted takes up both slots on 1 gizmo afaik, so you can't have another slot with any other perk.

Correct, it takes up both slots in a Gimzo. Going from the new changes thread Impatient 3 & Devoted 2 will no longer be allowed as I see no mention of them in this changes thread, or on our recruitment thread.

Apparently enhanced devoted is meant to proc over the regular devoted, so you can keep both on your armour. You would just need to follow which ever perk combination that Lucine has posted.

Look at BYJ's pictures on this thread to see how it would work.
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For those of us who signed into our Feats Initiative, the date of which we will do them have now been set.
We will start doing the Feats at Friday, the 30th of September.

(The Specific Days of doing them, counting that weekend & the following one will be: 30th September, 1st + 2nd October, and 7th + 8th + 9th of October)

On a related note: Following discussions with Driftworks & Byj, I have changed the 4th requirement of the Feats, for pocket-slot item, because my initial plan had flaws, which thankfully they helped me correct (thank you both). That said, the requirement will now consist placing the usage of a charged Bandos Book of War to be of lower priority. The requirement will now look like this:

• Offensive pocket-slot that must be one of the following, which will be categorized based on priority/usefulness:

A: Superior damage-boosting scrimshaw, or Armadyl/Saradomin God Books

B. Bandos Book of War (ideally, a maximum of 3 of us would be using it)

Our current Feats Team will consist the following team mates:

Dr Vermin
Eyy Macarena
Mr Manga3
Nex and BS (not yet confirmed)

Helpers & Team Leaders:

Maxi + Lucine

Potential backup that needs to complete the feats:

Free Yews

(Neither of them are part of our team, but they are interested in doing the feats & have the requirements, and if we can place them with us, it should not be a problem)
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@Evil Jojo

There is 2 scenarios of where you would have regular devoted installed, and either have an extra gizmo slot to use, or have a current gizmo to replace. I will explain why Enhanced Devoted 3 is currently the best perk to use for both of these situations.

First Scenario: You have Impatient 3 + devoted 2 installed in the same gizmo. In that case, you have (assuming only 1 hit was negated per activation) 6% damage reduction, while Enhanced devoted 3 is 14.5% Damage reduction. It is understandable you want to mix Devoted 2 with other defensive perks, such as Absorbative 3, or Lucky 5, so let's see how they will do when they're combined:

• Devoted 2 (6%) + Absorbative 3 (3%) = 9% Damage reduction

• Devoted 2 (6%) + Lucky 5 (2.5%) = 8.5% Damage reduction

• Devoted 2 (6%) + Enhanced Devoted 3 (14.5%) = 14.5% Damage reduction

In both the first and 2nd combination with regular devoted, it is obvious that it is almost significantly lesser damage reduction than having Enhanced Devoted 3 separately (where like Tok3d said, would override the regular version).

Second Scenario: You have Regular Devoted 3 in a separate gizmo (alone). In that case, it is obvious that replacing it with Enhanced Devoted 3 is the better choice, because regular Devoted 3 on its own, already takes up 1 gizmo space, so replacing it with Enhanced Devoted 3 is a common sense good decision.


Thank you for bringing that up. Yes, the combination of Impatient + Devoted perks will no longer be allowed as a substitute of having Enhanced Devoted 3.
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I have read the thread and will send you my screenies directly, Lucine. I am glad to go back to the old method in mirage, as I feel like it is very successful. As for the Daredevil feats, I am happy to help if you need an extra, please let me know! Thanks for keeping our team up to date and for all the hard work you do making us such a successful permteam at Raids!

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Thanks for the update Lucine, I have read all changes and requirements for this month. For the feats I am willing to help out if I have the time to, but I do not own some of the requirements you stated so whether you still want me to help is your choice. Although I have done feats multiple of times for others who needed their title.

I will provide the screenshot of my updated gear and other requirements via pm.

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