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Hello everyone!

Our clan is pretty simple as far as ranking up and rules to stick to!

1) Don't take anything to seriously! we joke... Alot! so if you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen!
2) Be helpful how ever you can
3) We focus on PVM, Dungeoneering, Skilling, Questing or really pretty much everything except PKING!!!!
4) If you PK..... **** off!!!

Ranking is pretty simple just keep to the guidelines and youll be promoted accordingly!
1) Max out resources each week
2) Be active in clan chat
3) Help out other clan members!
4) Don't ask for ranks lol

Members general and above have access to clan avatar
1) Always keep avatar on clan home world 82
2) Please return avatar before logging out
3) Failure to return avatar will result in loss of avatar use for everyone! in return you will be demoted to a rank lesser than general
4) Share the avatar

For more information or any questions please message A C E BOOGIE, Drakkarys or Stricken48

Well i think that covers it, we are a fun group of friends feel free to join up and invite your friends!

One more thing! these are all guidelines to stick by not necessarily rules, we're all here to have fun!


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