Blood Therapy.

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Hi, Welcome to Blood Therapy, founded on 9/21/16. For many years I have played Runescape, and now have finally decided to make my own high level pvm clan.

My clan consists of simple but fair rules, thus are as follows.
Anyone and everyone is to be treated equally, and respected the same. My 4 keys and I must chat and discuss any problems and come up with a unanimous decision of yes/no, on whatever the subject matter is. There is to be NO drama, if you are caught causing problems there will be a 1 warning give away, after that, it's vamoose, banned never to be seen again.

Citadel will get to tier 7 in due time, there is no mandatory cap whatsoever, however, capping obviously will gain you notoriety and I will take notice. Together we can achieve our dragons and we can fly high in the sky ^_>.

I myself, along with my 4 keys, will try our best to respond to any questions you have, be 100% fair with everyone, and try our best to help you with any pvm situation, question, goal, or need. This also goes for any xp related question as well, as we are avid xp gainers.

A few of my keys have real life priorities they need to work on, and this most of the time we shall not all be active at the same time, but for me I shall be very active over the course of the next year.

I do plan on becoming a streamer, My goal right now is to make money at my irl paying job and getting my own equipment to stream, thus we can have some broadcasting spotlight.

I can learn most all things by taking my time to practice, thus I can and will teach any pvm to anyone that wants to learn, my time being willing/available.

If you would like to join my clan, or are interesting in guesting my clan, feel free. As of right now it is I, my irl friend(key), and three placeholder keys for my other key ranks after double xp weekend(they need avatars for now lol).

Ranking system to be discussed with my keys and I,

pm me c:.

Blood Therapy.

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