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Hey bud,
I just saw you in your friends chat not too long ago! You should get yourself known among more players :)

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27-May-2013 21:06:24



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hey mod hamilton, pixmia told me about this thread on the one i created about you in the compliments section. i hope to be able to chat to you soon when ever you get a chance.

p.s thank you for what you did in living rock caverns.


18-Jul-2013 06:08:22

Motor City

Motor City

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Hey all, come by the FC! Lately it's been empty but that can change! ;) It's a very friendly FC & feel free to come in if you ever need help, I'll be there!

03-Oct-2013 00:22:00

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Hello Mod Hamilton

Very nice to meet you, I just stumbled across this thread on may way looking for the clan I am in (The Nook) lol. Its nice that the jagex staff would become involved with the community; It is understood that jagex staff are incredibly busy, soooo for you to open up a helping fc is wonderful; good luck with that, Ill pop in to say howdy when I can:)
have fun with your fc

Respectfully Cocoa

16-Jan-2016 23:22:50

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