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Welcome to:
Consecrated High councill & Moderator Application.

I assume that you made your way here via the "looking for founders" thread, and that you're somewhat interested.

Well if so, here's what you should know;

I am Sozoshin, but you can call me Rockah.
I am 24 and a very relaxed, easy going, fun guy to hang out with.
I left RuneScape for a while, but recently made my return.
I have several years of experience when it comes to Clans, so I decided to make a new clan.
Not so I can be the owner, but for the sake of creating a great environment for those that wish to be a part of it!

We are not looking for people who are only wish to have a high rank, if you wish to be part of our team we hope to have you on board with your best attitude and show great skills in maintaining a group of happy scapers and helping out the clan where necesarry

What kind of clan is Consecrated you ask?
Consecrated is a friendly, laid back community with a wide variety of friendly skillers and PvMers that range from low to high level players. We mainly offer Pvm events, Skilling events and more

Clan information

-Clan - Consecrated
-Members: 32
-Citadel - T2

"What are the clan goals?!"
Our goal is to develop a clan whose sole purpose is to becoming a great community for players of all kind, Through Hard work, loyalty and Dedication we will create an warm environment for people to enjoy.

What are we looking for?

Community leaders | Overseer
To maintain a positive state of the clan chat, managing clan promotions, ranks and citadel.

Clan Moderators | Co-ordinator & Organiser
These individuals sacrifice their time and dedicate themselve to organise, teach, promote, motivate and keeping the avatar out.

Please fill out an application if you wish to be part of this amazing clan
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how shall we address you?

Total level:

Combat level:

Asking vaguely, are you 18+ or 21+ or 18-?

Do you have experience with Runescape Bosses?

Are you a Skiller of a Pvm'er?

Are you active?

Why do you want to lead/moderate this clan?

Where is your time zone?

Do you have friends that would be interested in joining?

What clan experience do you have?

What clan job you looking to help with: (Overseer, Co-ordinator or Organiser)

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Will you Cap?

Will you bump the clan forum?

Will you host events?

Any gear of weapons?

Can you maintain a calm attitude, when chaos hits the chat?

Do you have any idea’s you wish to share?

Do you have any IRL skills or assets you can bring to the clan?


Please fill in this form and you will be contacted in-game asap.
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