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SumbodyDoSumthin (SDS) is a friendly/ chill group of people. Although we are very accepting and chill, we still are fans of the game and get stuff done as needed. We practice all skills, prioritize in the following though: castle wars, training combat, money making, helping each other when needed. A little about me, as I have been a RuneScape player since i was a kid in 2007ish and have been a member in yearly bursts. I am also have xp in clans coming form Call of Duty, where I won clan wars and brought my clan to the highest division (diamond) I am usually on even though I work most days, but come online at night. Mainly on 1am-7am Eastern time. I'm also on randomly through out week as I am a player who is on at all possible. Though I am Eastern Time, all time zones are excepted. Only rules are as follows:

1. No harassment towards friendlies
2. Good moral standing (no hate crimes such as hating ethnic groups, ****, and respects peoples own views
3. Plays at least weekly (twice a week), but the more hours put in the better!! :)
4. Helpful to other clan mates such as questions or help with skills
Looking for RS MEMBERS
, but as long as you
play consecutively free player are allowed

Any questions
on anything, feel free to
add me, xDoubie, if not on add me in friends chat with my name
so I know to add you when I get on next and Ill be glad to take all that accept the rules prior. After adding me ill have you meet the rest of clan. Thank you and good luck in the world of RS.

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