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Double Steal said:

The End of the Sith and Teclis-
Silent plotted for many months, until at last he could contact Deleteguard with a plan. The sith rose again, with Delete as Emperor and Silent as Sith Hand (second in command).

They also recruited 707 balla, who Teclis had aided in defeating the RSU. The three issued a challenge of war to the republic.

This happened.

Double Steal said:

During the ferocious melee, Kingcobra single handedly strode through the sit* lines and defeated 707 Balla.

This did not.

Oh how time has corrupted the truth.

20-May-2016 03:12:48

yusanis ryuk

yusanis ryuk

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wow i remember this clan, just started playing again after years off and thought id look the clan up and found this thread, my main was dan332 think i was an ambassador at some point good to see few people still play

07-Aug-2016 18:01:36

Rote N Core
Sep Member 2016

Rote N Core

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Man I remember you guys, good times.

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30-Sep-2016 03:27:35

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