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This has been going on for a few months. I think it possibly started at the time the main RS forums were reworked/updated. On my clan's forums now, there are no longer options for bolding, italicize, underlining, emoticons or anything extra at all. All you can do is type normal text. I've tried typing out the bb codes and they work, but it's a hassle that I'm sure nobody likes to take time to do.'s extremely annoying. I need a quick, easy way to bold important information for clanmates so they don't miss it, and underlining things to make some organization is posts. No idea how/why all the features got removed in the first place -_-

So my question is: Is it possible my clan's specific forums somehow get the text effects disabled and is there a way to turn them back on? Or is it like this with every clan's forums now? If that's the case, does anyone know when Jagex is planning on re-adding all the features? Because using the clan forums now is a huge pain in the ass, and they're the only forums I usually use...

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It happened to everyone and is very annoying. You can still use the effects but have to do it manually.

Only comment I could find on it was:
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Hey guys,

This is probably (although I have not looked myself) the result of some maintenance one of our teams did to jagex.***

#webMeat has this in their upcoming fixes we just have not had time to start it just yet.

Apologies in the mean time
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