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Fear Amnesia
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Fear Amnesia

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Read everything thoroughly.
As for the voting:

1. I could see potential personal use for the forums if the experienced raiders would dedicate their time into making guides, etc. for newer people like me to learn from. Other than this I'm not very positive that the forums would be active (maybe just to notify about absences).
All in all I would use it, but not sure about the majority of others.

2. I'm voting yes for the usage of pocket slot items (scrimshaws).

16-Aug-2016 22:28:40

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Last_Acolyte said:
Regarding the bandos book, i would only see it being useful it the effect stacks with the guthix staff debuff.
It does stack, but (unlike guthix staff), the affinity modifier only lasts 15 seconds, and iirc the defence drain is also temporary. Bandos books' affinity debuffs don't stack with each other though, so having everyone use bandos book may not be worth it (and on another note, if using statius warhammer - for example if trying feats - you'll already have 100% accuracy if it hits yaka, so it's not worth using bandos book in that case either).

Btw, the other books may also be worth using over scrimshaws (albeit pretty expensive - I'd personally stick to scrimshaws myself) depending on your dpm (damage per minute). Guthix book (I think it's the cheapest), for example, is worth using over superior scrimshaw if your dpm is under ~100k. Armadyl book (the strongest) is worth using over superior scrim if your dpm is under ~120k.

17-Aug-2016 01:49:43



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1. For the offsite forum, I personally would not use it

2. I believe requiring a pocket slot item should be required for the team. Using a non-superior scrimshaw should be acceptable however, if someone wishes to use a god book that would be great. I think some people may not be able to keep up with the cost of the god books so the minimum requirement should be a non-superior scrimshaw.

18-Aug-2016 17:20:10

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Thank you all for reading the changes and casting your votes. During this month, I will write up another thread for changes, which will explain the results of the poll, and I will respond to the suggestions/concerns expressed in this thread, too, in it.

However, for now, I will also express my opinion regarding the 2 votable changes:

1. Forum off-site: Yes, I would use it, for most of the uses I have listed.

2. Requiring a scrimshaw or a God Book: I vote No for this one, not because these items are useless, but because I don't personally believe their advantage is necessary at Raids (rather, it is at other bosses). It is important to remember that we already require many things that adds up together into a considerable cost when combined, and adding the Scrimshaws/God Books as a requirement will make it too much, especially for the team members who have already obtained all the Achto pieces (and we have a few of us who reached that point, and a few others close to), so I think the Raids loot should continuously provide an incentive to
team members
, and making the supplies used to complete Raids take away a big portion of that will not fulfill that purpose.

If Scrimshaws/God Books provided bigger combat advantage for their price, then they would have likely been approved without a poll, but with their current state, that is not happening.
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