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Welcome to Royal Retribution

Royal Retribution is a clan that focuses on teamwork and growth we enjoy helping those that are in need but we don't give handouts instead we as the quote goes teach you to fish. we are primarily a pvm clan however we do clan events outside of bosses on the side such as Citadel resource party's and Dungeoneer events. all events can be found in our clan notifications board. all who are respectful are welcome to join our clan and participate in clan events. As a clan I want us to work-together on lower lvl bosses such as the kalphite queen and king black dragon until we are ready stat-wise and coordinated for harder bosses to help prevent wipes and help lower lvl players get into killing bosses. We are interested in players who would like to do co op slayer as well. All Players in clan except guests can recruit, talk in chat, and skill at citadel. Guests can talk in chat.


1. Be respectful to everyone those in the clan and those not.
2. No swearing at other people in an offensive manner
3. No Scamming
4. Event participation is not mandatory however to get farther in the clan participation is heavily suggested

The first few ranks of my clan will be based on combat lvl. Recruit lvl = any, Corporal lvl will = 50, Sergeant lvl = 90, lieutenant combat lvl = 110 and active participant in clan events. Captain + requires proving yourself.

If your interested in joining pm Gwargoth!!!

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