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~Event app~
Event Type: Costume contest, hunt for clan leaders, right of passage, Clan wars
Date: 2015 March 7th
Time: 1 P.M. EST
Location: Lumbridge crater
Extra Notes: At the start of this event everyone will come from the west entrance of crater in costume for the costume event, judges will stand and see which is the best one prizes may be involved. But that remains a secret. After that we will march to north of Falador for a bit of a hunt. High ranking clan leaders will go into the white portal(safe) and will have 30 seconds to hide and get ready for running from everyone else also prizes may be involved for most kills biggest hit. May I promise nothing. After the hunt we shall do a right of passage. I am sure I don't need to explain how that goes. After it we shall go back to the clan wars for some good old bloodshed!
I came here to kill the helpless and save the Monsters!

Uhmm... Uhh *looks around* What was I doing?

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Dark Fury

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You peer into a Chapel of Zamorak, which appears to be abandoned. Before you can close the doors again, a Revenant Chaos-Bringer flies at you and slays you instantly with a bolt of Shadow Lightning. Oh dear! You are dead!

22-Sep-2016 20:22:47

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