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Welcome to Et Alii

(Skilling and Social)


Et Alii is a skilling and social clan for players with a total level of 2100 and above. The level requirement exists in order for us to throw events that most (if not all) members of the clan can participate in. If everyone's closer in level, it'll basically be easier to do things together.

As the clan was recently created, we're looking for active and friendly players to fill our ranks and help build up an awesome clan.


We'll not be associated with anyone who breaks RuneScape's rules. If we find out that a member does that, it's an instant kick and ban from the clan.

Being respectful against everyone in the clan chat is a key for a social clan to function. This includes both members of all ranks as well as guests. If a member keeps acting disrespectful that'll result in a warning. After three warnings a member will be kicked out of the clan.

Monthly Raffle


More will be added in a close future.
Kindness is a reward in itself.

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