Warlords of Zamorak

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Our Clan's Information

Who Can Join:
1. Any combat level (Higher levels are preferred, and may help you rank up faster)
2. Willingness to be active and recruit may result in a higher rank early
(We do not accept or give bribes!)

What We Do:
(This list will grow with new players, as well as the frequency of these events.)

Clan Chat Rules:
1. No begging
2. No spam
3. No scamming
4. Nothing obscenely offensive (this is under each admin's discretion)
5. No severe aggression
(A fair warning will be given if you break any of the rules above.)

How You Rank-Up:
1. Recruiting
2. Be active on Clan chat
3. Participate in clan events
4. Show leadership skills

The Suggested Uniform:
1. Full Zamorak Armor (Rune)
2. Clan Cape
(This is strongly encouraged, but no uniform is required to join.)

Good to Know:
1. Where to pick up your clan cape and vex
2. How to recruit
3. How Clan Wars works (it changed)
(Read about these on the comments below.)

If you have any other questions please let me know. I also encourage you to provide any feedback to improve your time here.

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Where to Pick Up Your Cape and Vex:

-These items cannot be traded and has to be picked up by you once you're a member.

-You pick up your clan cape and vex at the clan camp below Falador. Talk to the NPC's there to get your free stuff.

-You place your vex down by wielding it and right clicking it in your equipment tab. You cannot place a vex down near another one.

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How to Recruit:

-Any rank is able to recruit.

-To recruit a new member, you must first get into the clan tab from your menu bar. If you're using EoC (the new game interface), hover your mouse over the button of "two robed people" and then click the option that is a picture of a yellow man with a gear.

-From that tab (the clan tab), you should see a square button in the lower left corner. Click that to expand your clan options.

-From those options one should be a green button to "invite" another player into being a member of your clan. Afterwards simply click the person's in-game character in order to invite them.

-For a member to accept an invite, they need to right click the invite in their chat box and select "accept". (This is just like accepting a trade request.)

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Clan Wars:

-Clan Wars is located at Gamer's Grotto, a cave just to the right of the Falador lodestone.

-Clan Wars doesn't mean what it used to- it no longer involves "clans" exclusively. Think of it as "friend's chat" wars instead. To be in a war everyone on your team has to be in someone's "friend's chat" and then the chat owner "that friend" must be the one to challenge another team.

-To join a friend's chat go to the friend's chat tab on your message box. From there a small green button in the top-right corner is for joining a chat. From there you will be asked which chat you wish to join- just type the name of that friend.

-The friend's chat owner has to be captain rank or above to challenge another team. If you want to lead a clan war, let me or one of the other leaders know and we'll rank you appropriately.

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