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Hello, we are thyzmatic and we are currently looking to expand our clan we currently have roughly 120 members, we do daily clan events such as ( bossing, skilling, pvp, and many other things )
Our ranking system is based on clan contribution such as but not limited to ( capping at cit, hosting events, being active, and participating in clan events)
We are a tier 5 citadel with 2 avatar's in the process of upgrading to tier 6.
We accept all level players and are very friendly and social.
If this is a clan that interests you fell free to pm me in game (DivineGizzy) or our deputy owner (Vladimus) or any one of our many members.

Thyzmatic is the state where you are fighting as hard as you can even though you know that you have lost but you still continue to fight!!!

We are a friendly, social clan with a welcoming community of people from all over the world, The clan was founded on September 23rd, 2007, and we have been up and running since then.
Treat this clan like your family and you will receive respect and friendship in return.
To keep the clan running successfully, we operate on a system of three main rules- Be polite, try to avoid profanity, and stay active.


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I suggest you make this in a Clans section that suits your needs for recruitment.

I'm not sure which section would be best for you so you will need to pick a New section and make a new thread.
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