District 67 Rank System

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District 67's Ranks are based on contribution.

To rank up, you need to earn Rank Points (RP's).

There are 4 ways to earn Rank Points:
-Capping = +4 RP
-Recruitment = +1 RP Per recruit
-Hosting an Event = +5
-Participating in an Event = +1

Points Required per rank:

Recruit -> Corporal: 3 RP
Corporal -> Sergeant: 6 RP
Sergeant -> Lieutenant: 6 RP
Lieutenant -> Captain: 8 RP
Captain -> General: 10 RP
General -> Admin: 12 RP + 2 Required Recruits
Admin -> Organiser: 20 RP + 6 Recruits + 2 Caps
Organiser -> Coordinator: 28 RP + 10 Recruits + 4 Caps
Coordinator and up: 35 RP + 12 Recruits + 4 Caps. To become Overseer, you will need a recommendation from other clan Admin+ ranks.

Any who wish to be ranked above Admin, must be approved by a Key Rank.

For our members who are going to be increasingly busy IRL but wish to stay within the clan and know they will be unable to cap every week, we will grant those members "Legend" status. Legend is a way for the Admins/Owners to not kick/remove those clannies when doing weekly removals.

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