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Just started playing again recently, and don't really have a lot of old friends that play. So I'm looking for a mature/helpful/active OSRS clan that doesn't have insane requirements. Somewhere to have fun and be able to interact with others. I've been around for about a month now. I am a member.

RSN: AbsentPsyche
Combat: 61
Total: 751
QP: 86

Let me know if you're interested in having me around or you think your clan fits this description. Can provide more info if need be!

24-Mar-2019 00:34:59

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This forum thread is for RS3 members looking for a clan, the OSRS forum is linked below so you can find the appropriate clan for you! I hope this helps you in your search and wish you luck.

Kind Regards,
EatADonut (Adoughment Clan)

OSRS Clans

24-Mar-2019 01:00:26

Ms Toxicity
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Ms Toxicity

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AbsentPsyche, welcome to the forums. :)

I appreciate that you are keen to be recruited but posting duplicate threads will not bring the outcome you seek. As you have a thread in the Old School Clans forum, this thread is now closed.

Please continue to use that thread to seek recruitment.

24-Mar-2019 14:41:34

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