Guide: Beating the Boredom

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You glance at the clock. You twiddle your thumbs. You look at the screen. You spin around in your swivel chair several times.

You’re bored.

Hello there! I’m Level, and I am here to explore the various methods and techniques to avoid that irksome feeling of utter boredom that kills our motivation and ends so many of our goals. Below you will find a comprehensive list of all the ways to ward off boredom while training mostly non-interactive skills like mining, woodcutting and fishing, as well as several ways you should NOT be trying to relieve the boredom.

Also, if you find any typos or mistakes, please point them out to me. :)

Note, even though I may not respond to every comment, I guarantee I am reading every post, and your comments and bumps are very appreciated.

Now, since you’re probably already bored, without further ado, I give you Beating the Boredom!

=-= Level =-=

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-=-=-=-=- Guide: Beating the Boredom -=-=-=-=-

~|~ The Tips ~|~

• Talk to friends and clan mates.

Your friends list and clan chat channel can be your biggest friends (no pun intended) when you’re bored. Just join a channel or begin a conversation with a friend, and you’re already less bored! Consider joining a clan, or maybe even starting your own.

• Switch your training locations frequently.

A big problem that causes boredom is monotony: namely, the same thing happening over and over again. If you move from the lobsters in Karamja to the lobsters in the Fishing Guild, you will feel fresher when training.

• Change your playing locations frequently.

If you are lucky enough to have access to a laptop or mobile device, take advantage of it! Every hour or so, move somewhere else in the house to give you that same fresh feeling. If it is nice outside, you can even take the laptop outside and immerse yourself in some nice Vitamin D.

• Train where you feel good.

Even though the game is only pixels, the weather, environment, and soundtrack in one place as opposed to another has a huge impact on how you feel. Unless chain farming, Catherby’s light, warm attitude is definitely preferable to the dark depressive tone in Morytania.

• Music soothes the savage soul.

Music stimulates unique parts of your brain, automatically elevating your mental awareness to a higher level. Jagex is kind enough so as to provide us with over 630 songs already. If you don’t like Runescape playlists, head to another site or pull out your earphones to start jamming away.

• Take breaks often to go outside.

We all know you’re reluctant to take time out of your busy Runescape schedule, but this advice is almost the best I can give. Just taking five minutes off the computer to throw a Frisbee to your dog, run a bit, or even just bathe in the sun makes a huge difference. When you return, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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• Talk to people around you.

Often times, the people skilling next to you are just as bored as you are! I've had many experiences with other bored players where we've had long and interesting conversations while fishing or woodcutting. Start up a conversation with a compliment or just a question, and soon you could have a new friend! Just remember, a conversation does not entail flaming or spamming.

• Don’t check how much XP you have left while you train.

"A watched pot never boils." Just like staring at a clock during school hours, checking your gained XP every five minutes can be very depressing. Instead, make a set time every hour or so to check your XP rates. You may even be shocked by how much you’re progressing! If you just HAVE to look every once in a while, set a certain time when you check, like every thirty minutes or an hour.

• Browse the forums.

The forums are a great way to get involved in the community, as well as meeting people struggling with the same boredom issues as you! The forums have so many people, there is bound to be a sub forum with your name on it!

• Create a G&A Thread

The Goals & Achievements Forum is one of the biggest ways to motivate you to keep going. Here you can find people’s own goals, you can create your own thread, and even gain a cult following for your goal. Seeing people line up to support you is inspirational heaven, plus simply designing your G&A thread will eat up time.

• Read a story.

The Runescape Story Forum is full of talented authors just waiting for a reader such as you to pop in on giving them feedback. There are infinite amounts of prose and poetry to be read, and this is one surefire way to make sure you’re entertained for weeks! If you feel you don't like the selection of stories there, you can always read any books you own.

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• Don’t eat because you’re bored.

The world is already plagued with an epidemic of obesity, and there is absolutely no reason to be eating because you’re bored. Only eat when genuinely hungry. Still can’t keep out of the larder? Just chew a piece of gum.

• Do homework.

During the weekend, when you’re not pressed for time, you can always knock off a few Calculus or Chemistry questions while your character is working. I would not recommend doing this during the week, for while it allows you to play Runescape, you work on your schoolwork at a slower rate (as well as gain experience in Runescape at a slower rate). Remember, never let Runescape interfere with your life! Yeah, like you're actually going to listen to me.

• Multitask.

When training a repeat skill such as woodcutting or fishing, there’s nothing wrong with having your computer lying next to you while you watch TV or play video games. While doing this, you should still take five minutes of break every hour.

• Exercise every day.

Taking thirty minutes to exercise will not only help you be healthy and fit, but when you return to the game, your blood will be pumping and your mind will be active. All in all, you’ll feel great, and be ready to mine the next thousand coal ores.

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• All nighters are a definite no no.

I understand that you want that ninety-nine more than anything, but the simple biological fact is, your body needs sleep to survive, be healthy, and be active. No player should be on the computer past twelve o’clock, and be awake by one. Studies have shown being on the computer before going to bed is detrimental to your sleep patterns. As your all-nighter goes on, your mind slips into a numb-half sleep, and the sleepiness caused by the deprivation of bedtime will make you feel exhausted and… bored. Plus, after spending so much time on the same thing without a sleep break, your motivation may begin to ebb.

• Variation is the key.

As stressed throughout this thread, if you continue the same things over and over again, you will fail. There is nothing wrong with taking a day off to go to the GWD, or something else.

• Take a very long break.

One of the least used but in my opinion most effective way of relieving boredom is to take an entire week off. When you return to Runescape, you will be eager to pick right up where you left off, and boredom will not touch you for a long time.

• Be distracted.

The simple fact is that if you are distracted, time will fly by, and so will your training. Almost all the examples provided by this thread are distractions.

• Pace.

Just the simple act of standing up and pacing before your computer stimulates blood flow to your brain. While not exactly a clockwork way of taking away your boredom, it does more than staring at a computer screen.

• Play a minigame

It didn't always used to be this way, but recently Jagex has released minigames that have turned out to be very effective ways of training. For combat, Soul Wars is a great option. Runespan is the best experience in the game for runecrafters. The change of pace combined with the social interaction will no doubt reinvigorate your efforts in any given skill.

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~|~ Hall of Fame Player Suggestions ~|~

• Sir Ikle:
Make some daily habits (doesn't have to be daily just the days you play) for example
Cut 50 yew logs
Fish 50 Lobsters
Do a farming run
Finish 10 laps of an agility course
This isn't constantly training the same thing but if you make it a habit you will find your skills rising while it seems it took you no effort.

• iAnnabelle:
Quests are really fun, so you may want to do one, like a short one, such as imp catcher.

• Lehrans Mew:
Here's one that helped me a lot with agility: Start a rivalry! Try and beat a friend to any specific goal. Since theres a competition factor, most people work harder to try and beat the other. Not only does this help you, it helps your friend too!

• Guam Miner:
Look yourself up in the hiscores for the skill you are training, and write down a name of someone next to or near your name. Kepp track of their levels every time you log on, and if they have overtaken you, try and catch up with them! Its a great way to keep you motivated.

• Very:
Yes, going outside is one of the best things to do. Sunlight give Vitamin D, and once you get some of it from after being inside for hours, you'll feel much better.

• SirFerguson:
My method is to break down goals, instead of setting a goal to be 99 in something in like a month, break it down into smaller goals.
Such as reaching level 90 after a week. Then reach 94 by the second week. 97 by the 3rd and 99 by the last.
This will make it feel like you are achieving more and it will keep you motivated to what you are doing instead of one huge struggle to 99.

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~|~ Hall of Fame Player Suggestions ~|~

• Grim Reaper:
Bananas! The potassium gives you a nice kick-start to the day, even better is to cut a banana into a bowl of your favorite cereal.
AVOID SODA POP AT ALL COSTS! If you must drink some, make it caffeine free and non-diet! Caffeine causes a crash later on and diet sodas make you want to eat! A glass of ice water is very refreshing.
I can vouch for taking short breaks once in awhile. I do this to get things accomplished in the real life and it does feel really good.

• KittyMulcher:
In skills that require alot of clicking and alot of attention: I'm talking about agility, firemake and mining, it is really beneficial to play barbarian assault. If you are good, and play on good teams, the horn can BOOST your exp rates.

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