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Archaeox said:
Total Quest Points available: 400

Other (non-skill) requirements for the Quest Cape:

* You MUST have defeated Bork in the Chaos Tunnels
* You MUST have 100% restored Senliten,and escorted Leela to meet her
* You MUST have 125 Kudos at Varrock Museum
* You MUST have completed the Easy, Medium and Hard Fremennik Task Sets.
* You MUST have completed the Soul Wars tutorial.
* You MUST have played Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup and Soul Wars
* You MUST have completed the Knights' Wave training
* You MUST have at least 5 Pizazz Points, from any part of the Mage Training Arena.
* You MUST master the barbarian skilling techniques taught by Otto Godsblessed
* You WILL need to have obtained a map, compass and sextant (as used for Treasure Trails)
* You MUST have rank 9 Menaphos reputation

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