player offers Mod application

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All you need is to report him and you did that then nothing more to do about it!
Don't share phishing websites here because you help hackers to advertise to get more people being phished! Jagex will catch the rat after a report!
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The first post quoted with the name & URL removed:
Totallyzoo said:
this player, [Edited], was trying to get me to go to a website: [Edited] to apply for the Moderator position. i reported him in game but the only conversation i had to report on was him telling me to talk in the lobby. the website came from our conversation in the lobby. he is an ironman account

The forums may not be used to make accusations against other players and the URL's to scam sites should never be posted on the public forums as that puts more accounts at risk.

This sort of thing needs to be reported in game. All chat is reportable, be it public, friends, clan or private, even in the lobby. The image below shows where to find the report flag in the lobby

Another post naming the player is quoted below with the name edited out:
imTrigg said:
I was just messaged by him as well. i reported him for trying to be a jmod hence his name "Jageltd Matt".

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