I treid too but its hard and w

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i wan ted for to do it and happen but all the times it attack. I even said "plz' but still dyed. i gave bow an darrow hits but 0 hurt. i just want to get there does any one know how or cdan help plz.

write help here plz or email me in game.

i think this is th rihgt place to polst but if i'm wrong Plz say to move it.

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which is the right armour? i have tried them all.

i'm sorry I made typos i was trying to type over 40 words per minute.

than you for the support and belief i thin it helped because now i can bury the bones and there is no attack maybe it was bug?? it's the spot above a twon called edgeville with lots of bones has anyone else had that happen?

10-Dec-2018 06:37:59



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Okay, so far we know that you need armor for something. I don't know what, but I can say this:
There are many types of armor, so usually, the best armor for you would be the highest you can wear, and afford or otherwise obtain, and you will also have to consider your combat style. If risk is a big deal in what you're trying to accomplish, cheaper options might be preferred.

And clearly you're doing something in Wilderness. As for "no attack", I don't quite understand, so I'll have to guess again. If you mean nobody can attack other players, well, the first couple steps into the Wilderness is totally safe. Beyond that, players can attack each other based on the differences in their level, and how deep they are in the Wilderness. If you're talking about the skeletons attacking you, they ARE meant to be aggressive to everyone regardless of combat level. If they aren't going after you, it might be a bug. It might also be because you weren't close enough to them, or perhaps there was a hidden update to change their aggression for some reason.

Still don't know what you were trying to do, honestly. xD You're giving us very few details, and without the big picture. Hopefully I have successfully helped you. If not, let us know exactly what you were attempting.
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Aegon III
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Think I got it. He's trying to train prayer by burying bones from spawns in the wilderness but players attack him. He says please stop but they attack him. He fights back but can't hit anything but 0's.

12-Dec-2018 14:50:55

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