I treid too but its hard and w

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Original message details are unavailable.

You're giving us very few details, and without the big picture.

okay yes yes i understand here is the biggest picture i could take

hopefully that is right it is the biggest picture i could get plz

EDIT: IF YOu right clicki t and choose the 'open inage in new tab' it will open more largely for you to see the more detail if that helps

I think you have helped me because now i can get bigger than 0 hp taken off the opponent. but only if it is = one of th e skeletons. sometimes it is someone who has white hair and i think his name is Slap Hazard or something and i nefver hit him more then 0. how can i hit him more than 0 plz.

i just want to make the prayer go up plz but everyone just wants me dead and i never hit first . plz.

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Haven   Hell
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I'm not entirely sure what armour that is, but if you're using ranged make sure you're wearing armour that is of type ranged (it's written in the armour description), type hybrid and type all work too.
Next would be to train your ranged skill a bit if you're not hitting high enough.
As for the player killer there's not much you can do except run from him, teleport away, or just not take any items and bury the bones before he kills you so he doesn't get anything for it.

13-Dec-2018 11:09:36

Jiggly Bush

Jiggly Bush

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How do you have 50m in your coin pouch and know so little about the game? lol.

But yes everyone else is right, make sure you are wearing range armor, (dragonhide, etc), and don't bring anything expensive. And do the suggestion above- train up your range skill. Lesser Demons and dragons are good if you're strong enough, or Hill Giants (I think, maybe those are okay?) if you're really low level.

Hope this helps.

14-Dec-2018 19:04:26

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