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Another familiar face hits Chronicle: RuneScape Legends today as Morvran makes his debut!

Play Chronicle now as the elven slayer master, and experience a whole new style of strategic card gaming. Become the bane of beasts and rival Legends alike as you slay your way to victory.

Read on for full details of Morvran, and other features which have arrived with today's Chronicle update.

What's New?

  • Play as Morvran: Our newest Legend is available to all Chronicle players for free.

  • 37 New Cards: A full suite of Morvran-specific cards is now available to collect.

  • New Keyword – 'Aggressive': An Aggressive monster card will strike the Legend first when encountered. Morvran has many cards with this attribute, earning greater rewards for the risk of defeating them. He can also apply it to his rival's cards to disrupt their turns.

  • New Card Family – Slayer Tasks: Unique to Morvran, these cards assign missions that offer a variety of rewards upon completion, such as healing for each monster killed, dealing damage, drawing additional goblin cards, and more.

In Other News

  • Card History: This much-requested feature allows players to look back over the cards they and their opponents have played throughout the current game.

  • Twitch Notifications: We'll now let you know in-game when we're live streaming on Twitch.


If you haven't already tried Chronicle, now's a great time to join the community. With Morvran joining the roster of RuneScape Legends, there's more variety than ever, and it's sure to be an exciting time as everyone gets to grips with new decks and play styles.

Chronicle's free to play, and you can download Chronicle directly, or find us on Steam. You can also check us out on Twitch, or subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Chronicle goodness.

See you in-game!

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13-Jul-2016 12:44:35

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When will it be playable on Mac? (sorry if you guys already released that info, I can't seem to find it anywhere)

I've been super excited to play it for the longest time, but haven't been able to yet.
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13-Jul-2016 20:08:48

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