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Hello. So I have an account that I ONLY played with on mobile. Never signed In from a computer, and a day ago I logged on and my bank was gone. 160m In items sold at Ge and then traded off. I had the app for 1-2 months, and it is the IOS app from iTunes.

Soo could not have been keylogged, or signed in a bad site as I only used the app.
There is no way someone could have even known the email I used to log on as I donít have friends I even talk with that play

After googling it, Iím not the only person that has been hacked using osrs mobile.
Any chance jagex will return my items since this is 100% their end and nothing to do with account security??

16-Apr-2019 11:23:31

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Hi there
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I am very sorry to read that this has happened.

Do you ever access public wi-fi to play Runescape?
Do you ever watch Runescape related Twitch streams, Youtube videos or go to RS related Facebook pages?
All the above can be risky.

The instructions to do a security scan of your mobile are here: Securing your mobile device

Did you have Authenticator security code access set on your RS account?
Instructions to set up Authenticator: Setting the Authenticator - Mobile Device

Did you have a Bank PIN set inside your account?
Instructions to set up a Bank PIN: Setting a Bank PIN

Do you have 2-step verification protecting your email?
Instructions to set up 2-step verification: Keeping your email secure

The three security features above are the three features Jagex recommend players use to maintain account security.
If you have all three the only way a hijacker can get into your account is if you get phished or deceived.
If you did not have 2-step verification, Authenticator and a Bank PIN, your Runescape account was not as secure as you believe.

Sadly, Jagex does not replace items or gp stolen in hijacks, scams or lures.
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16-Apr-2019 15:19:43

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