Factory reset phone not loadin

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Hey guys i was playing earlier when i started getting connecting to server problems. I play on galaxy s5 never had problem for months until i thought factory reset woluld help i didnt back my phone up so now im stuck on the load bar going up to 40 percent then going down to 26 then back up to 40 percent on the checkinh server for updates then sais we encountered an error and cant download files . Ive tried cache restart deleting memory factory ressetting connecting to a wifi . I just am so lost please helo

18-Apr-2019 12:52:45

Joe Bill64
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Joe Bill64

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Alright so, I would try all of this again. Factory reset, make sure you do no back-up OSRS mobile app. Once the reset finishes, make sure everything to do with Android is up-to-date. Get everything the way you had it before and finally reinstall OSRS mobile app manually.

I'm obsessed with the function of my mobile device (it's crappy, but I want it to perform the best possible) So, I've factory reset my phone more times than I can count. 'Sometimes when I reset, apps or functions do no act the same, so another reset usually fixes the problem.

Using an S6, our devices are close, and Samsung is far from perfect lol.

If you decide try again let me know how it goes here, thanks and GL.

18-Apr-2019 20:48:20

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