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Moved to a better suited section. Not a Recent Game update.

It's definatly not broken as you claim. Just your settings are not set to accomendate the bank screen.

See if you can hover the mouse on the bottom right corner and see if you can shrink the bank screen. If not then make your Monitor a higher resolution to accomendate the bank screen.

That isn't likely to work si it dear, due to it being CLEARLY a legacy interface, which is why IT IS BROKEN AND A RECENT GAME UPDATE dear.
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27-Mar-2019 14:35:36

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My Dear.

It was worth a try.

Seeing as you posted on a much bigger thread where others are having the same issue you will need to wait for a Jagex reply.

Nothing else can be done.

I've locked this too as again nothing can be done as the fix you must have tried didn't work.
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