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I lost the best part of 52M with 1400 rune 2h's which i had bought overnight in the GE / my alchemiser. Why couldn't we of just got the price we paid or the current GE price at the time just before the update. I thought the alch price would of been a similar price so i used my tokens to buy a total of 1668 rune 2h's only to find they alch for 2k ea. I tried selling them on the GE only to find they are buying at 500 each. Thanks for ruining my runescape game and obliterating my entire cash stack. There goes DXP for me, Im really angry at the moment, words cannot describe how im feeling. I worked hard to save that money, finally getting somewhere to find it pretty much gone. Is there a way i can revert the items back to tokens or better still have my money back?

07-Jan-2019 18:35:03

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You should've traded it for the Large Bladed Rune Salvage, which alchs for 8,000x4 gp per rune 2h you had.
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07-Jan-2019 18:39:48

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why my rune 2h crossbow didn't switch to rune salvage / token?? is there a way I can convert those into salvage/ token??
I lost 50m on my rune 2h crossbow currently and this is unacceptable

07-Jan-2019 18:47:30

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Biggest screw up of the update. The salvage crap makes no sense to me.

I like the rework... I just don't like that they decimated my bank.
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07-Jan-2019 19:09:41

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