Imps from new slayer dungeons

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Having my character run off to the middle of nowhere chasing a teleporting imp when fighting with melee is pretty annoying, I'll admit. Switching to range/magic fixes this problem for the most part though (although that's not a real solution if you're trying to train melee).

Also, I agree with the having to deal with all the trash loot they drop when trying to area loot the abby demon drops is sort of a pain.

I would personally also like to see the imps removed.

Yes, yes, I know, yada yada then go somewhere else.

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Gonder said:
Trewavas said:
Draco Burnz said:
Gonder said:
because you can't tailor area loot to exclude only specific items.

But you literally can tailor what area loot picks up
Spend 5 minutes if that actually reading what settings there is available for area loot because as of now writing this post every drop from an Imp can be bypassed by changing 2 settings.
Seriously this is such a non issue if people actually read into the settings and what you can toggle

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