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I have been getting around 50 or so small parcels a day.

Ever since the update, I have only received 2 small parcels today so far. Which is a lot lower rate than before.

Was the distribution of the parcels nerfed?

26-Mar-2019 16:15:41

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I am getting roughly the same rate I think. Possibly a bit less frequent. 50 a day, though? How? I would get 2-3 at most and that's with purposeful attempts to get them through random xp triggerings - if I hadn't done that it'd just be 1 per day at most. Bizarre Boron Fusswell, scryer extraordinaire. Minigames & ninja fixes & achievement ideas!

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26-Mar-2019 17:46:43

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Having the same issue. Its ok though, I'm willing to put in 300 days of gameplay for that one single ring. Oh wait, it ends in like 10 days. I AM NOT A ROBOT

27-Mar-2019 03:15:39

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