Slayer contract in new dungeon

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Maybe iam missing something ....but got the contract from Markus only to finish the Abby Demon task in new dungeon and be told to " come back when its finished".
What have i done wrong please?

many thanks

25-Mar-2019 17:41:39

Draco Burnz
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Rikornak said:
I guess the new dungeon doesn't count as the slayer tower.

On last weeks stream TL;DW reddit post, they said exact that:
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I figured all along that the new dungeon wouldn't count as part of the Slayer Tower. Fine. I'll start using it after I finish my current task. Actually, I have visited it, because I did want the bonus Dungeoneering xp, but killing five extra Abyssal Demons after my task is no biggie.

26-Mar-2019 10:52:00

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The dungeon is probably intended for people who are camping for Invention and generic XP training.

The tower is intendd as the spot for people doing Slayer.

I guess they're just relying on common courtesy from high level players. I.E. if you're not on a Slayer task go and use the dungeon - if you are, use the tower.

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26-Mar-2019 13:15:52

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