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Leeds RS

Leeds RS

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Latest prices from the friends chat R Quark FC (since 2011)

Masks :: 421s/520s/675b (G/B/R)
Edibles :: 224s/435b/750s/Max(s) (Egg/Pumpkin/Disk of Returning/Half Wine)
Xmas :: 330s/670s/1600b/3027 (Scythe/RSH/Wreath/BSH)
Hats :: 6786/6786/7419/9307/13384/17316 (P/Y/G/R/W/B)

* indicates that the price was updated within this pc session.

B = Instant buy/non-instant sell (rounding up to the nearest million)
S = Instant sell/non-instant buy (rounding down to the nearest million)

-> Partyhat results calculation code attributed to Charm Quark using confirmed trades
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25-Mar-2019 19:08:34

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