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H Rassy
Feb Member 2019

H Rassy

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16m next week,15m the week after.

I don't know,i used to think bonds would keep going up slowly and that the by many people desired drop to 15m would not take place (I even made a post about this a few weeks ago) but now I changed my mind.

16 m and 15m to non instant buy (which was 17.6-18.1 past weeks). I don't think ge price will drop to 15m. Its not a crash,it could be considered a normal fluctuation of 10-15%.
I don't see a reason to hold bolds long time right now,the premium package peak is still far away and there will be plenty opportunity to buy for that flip.

Will see soon,i am probably wrong but who cares lol.

21-Mar-2019 04:08:27



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Bought overnight one bond at 18m.
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28-Mar-2019 15:57:24

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