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Could I suggest having an option to practice fighting Jad? You wouldn't get a fire Cape for beating Jad but would help people train and get an idea how to do prayer switches while under pressure. It also would save someone 1 hour or 2 hours to get to Jad and then just dying because of one mistake. If there is an option to fight Jad without having to lose so much time getting to him, it would be good practice.

15-May-2019 19:00:22

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I was thinking of a suggestion in regards to the current clan system. I enjoy the clan system on RS3 a lot more than OSRS. I wouldn't mind seeing that implemented in the future. It's much more user-friendly and is easier to keep in contact with the clan.

16-May-2019 16:33:24

Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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Pes Master said:
some way for fishing bait to be equipped!

having 99 fishing means you don’t have to use bait?
store bait in the fishing cape?

just a few ideas

Id support this:

Jeremy Cheng said:
Allow the fishing bait to be added to a pearl fishing rod up to a maximum of 100. Would this be a reasonable compromise?
Draco Burnz
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Support and

17-May-2019 23:04:44

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