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Why a HAM minigame when the entire quest line is there to make fun of how they are shitty racists and murderers? Would not like to see this added.

Also, I feel like PC scoring boards would either be skipped in favor of getting on the next boat if it's a post-game score or change so frequently it'd be ignored. Once some one hits a high score it'll be that way for the next 10 years even if they quit. Defeats the purpose of a board if everyone hits max score early. (THat's why games like Diablo have ladders)

I dont do or get agility arenas

Wildy Ironman sounds interesting allthough I feel liek the wilderness isn't very fleshed out. Definatly not fleshed out enough for an parallel account type. The whole point of being an iron man is so that you make and find your own stuff so i'm not quiet sure why you'd be pking, or how you'd skill up in the wildy.

Maybe this will be incentive enough for the f2p wildy to be revived, aswell as mem wildy skilling (currently bad)

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