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O Helll No said:
and as for H.A.M. idea they sort of already exist one being the fight caves and 2 being nightmare zone. but also love the idea i just think way to many botters. and it would need somekind of end

Yeah the H.A.M Colosseum is kind of a fight caves/nightmare zone hybrid - I suggested it cause neither of those are a real challenge anymore (NMZ has never been a challenge - personally I think the effectiveness of it should be reduced, as it leads to pure AFKing with good exp & no risk), and an open-ended mini-game would test every player to their limits, as the hiscore could always be broken. There could also be an end-game type mode, but as you say, I think that's covered pretty well already with the Fight Caves, and with the upcoming Inferno update.

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Why a HAM minigame when the entire quest line is there to make fun of how they are shitty racists and murderers? Would not like to see this added.

Also, I feel like PC scoring boards would either be skipped in favor of getting on the next boat if it's a post-game score or change so frequently it'd be ignored. Once some one hits a high score it'll be that way for the next 10 years even if they quit. Defeats the purpose of a board if everyone hits max score early. (THat's why games like Diablo have ladders)

I dont do or get agility arenas

Wildy Ironman sounds interesting allthough I feel liek the wilderness isn't very fleshed out. Definatly not fleshed out enough for an parallel account type. The whole point of being an iron man is so that you make and find your own stuff so i'm not quiet sure why you'd be pking, or how you'd skill up in the wildy.

Maybe this will be incentive enough for the f2p wildy to be revived, aswell as mem wildy skilling (currently bad)

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I chose H.A.M because it fits with their Human vs Monsters ideology, but that part of the idea could easily be changed - what do you think to the idea if it was implemented with the same mechanics, but related to a different NPC-type?

The PC boards wouldn't be a "max" hiscore- it would be how many times the player achieved the top score in whichever category he/she was going for. For example, how many times a player achieved the position of "Exterminator" throughout all of their games. Therefore this would be an open-ended hiscore, always able to be beaten.

The in-game scoreboard would change frequently to begin with, but then would slow down as certain players get further ahead of others. I don't think it would be ignored because it gives an extra point for the player in the lead, so would be worth keeping an eye on.

The agility arena idea was to implement an interactive/competitive way of training agility, rather than just running around in circles hundreds upon hundreds of times & having no real contact with other players in terms of the content.

I agree that the wilderness could do with fleshing out - I've posted quite a few suggestions for added content to the Wilderness, and there have been some good ideas posted on Reddit as well.

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Camelus said:
Wow. That is... A lot of suggestions. I like the pc updates. Would keep people from afking, or at least make them contribute more.

Even though I disagreed with some of them, such as the improvements to an already-efficient Brimhaven Agility area, I could see the H.A.M Colloseum minigame being quite a nice concept if handled correctly.

If it were something like Nightmare Zone, but instead of being a grind for combat xp, it is used to go for unique cosmetics and, perhaps possibly, a good item for practical purposes that can not be bought. (Barbarian Assault comes to mind with good, unbuyable items)

That way, it creates an incentive to actively participate in the minigame, perhaps made easier if you are with multiple players like the suggestion pointed out. Certainly wouldn't mind that! ^_^
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To Be Human

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Smiric said:
~~~Brimhaven Agility Arena~~~

Change the arena into a race between players by giving more tickets (experience adjusted) to the first 3 players to tag a ticket dispenser, and no tickets if you become a monkey.

To make the races more intense:
-Allow players to cast spells on each other that slow people down, make them more likely to fail an obstacle, unequip items and turn run off.

-Add more obstacles - some that require specific items to be equipped/specific agility level requirements. Whilst everyone's going mental casting spells and trying to beat each other to the ticket dispenser, to add a little more mentalness to the mix, add an NPC “chaser” monkey that spawns at the previously selected ticket dispenser and walks to the target ticket dispenser - if it catches anyone in the process they'll be turned into a monkey and won't be able to get any tickets for that run – unless they can catch a player and switch places, that is.

-Expand the arena and change how it looks occasionally - into a Tzhaar-esque one, for example – E.G. after every 100 ticket dispensers have been tagged.

-Include an occasional “Marathon race” where multiple ticket dispensers need to be tagged in succession, which will gradually reduce the amount of racers by chucking the losers into a spectator chamber until that race is complete. These marathon races could mark a change in arena scenery/obstacle layout, as well as grant a lot more tickets for the winner.

-Improve the reward table with a unique item – the Amulet of Marathon, that has either:
a) A right click option, allowing you to “sip” a dose of stamina pot X amount of times an hour/day.
b) Randomly gives a dose of stamina potion X amount of times an hour/day.
c) A combination of a & b.

These suggestions would only be available on one/a few select worlds in order to concentrate the player-base and ensure that it can't be abused by clans.

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I'm completely in love with the idea of NPC Clans traversing the wilderness and increased immersion and setting through NPC Interaction. I would like to break some of this down though...

-Wild Goblins fighting with Lumbridge/Al Kharid guards
+---+ I vote for this.

-Thieves/gangs of thieves getting chased down & arrested by guards within towns/cities
+---+ Might possibly would be my new favorite thing in the game.

-Hunters trapping/attacking wild animals (and vice versa!)
+---+ There's always too much and I say we leave this one out for preservation of space.

-Thieves/Muggers attacking men (who then shout for help, attracting nearby guards)
-Men & women (more of these in every town) going about their day – not just wandering around a small area.
-Monks/Priests performing pilgrimages or healing wounded citizens/guards.
+---+ All of these are relevant and I like the basic idea of them all, maybe just have monks wandering town along with the Men, Women, thieves, etc... rather than going on pilgimages.

-NPC’s helping each other out when in combat (like Al Kharid Guards) – blue wizards, muggers/thieves, guards, barbarians, white/black knights, goblins etc.
+---+ I think these mechanics are in place with the proper NPC's already.

-Wizard fights – dark vs light (near Draynor)
+---+ Maybe instead just have dark wizards fighting wizards near the wizard's tower.

-Occasional riots, and drunk pub-goers being calmed down/detained by guards
-Trade routes from major cities bringing in goods & subsequently being raided by bandits/rogues/goblins/black knights – could get a small reward from the relevant king for rescuing a trade cart.
-High profile escorts from one town to another (travelling kings/queens/nobility/knights)
+---+ I could see these working in the same aspect as a random event, although being a world event instead. Very cool idea.

-Black knights periodically trying to attack Falador; White Knights & Guards trying to fend them off
+---+ +1 here.

22-May-2019 05:34:36



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There's obviously more I could have voted on, and I would have written more on the black knights at the end, which I absolutely loved, but I ran out of characters to type.

As far as raids on Varrock I could see the northern half being attacked by undead, but a forward barricade would have to be also placed by Varrock as they wouldn't just let that one slide. Goblins I could see getting in though, through the sewers and such, so that may be a nifty raiding option for Varrock and Lumbridge with the ability to randomly scale individual goblins throughout the event, allowing players ranging from low level to high level to participate in the event (it is Varrock, after all).

As for everything else I left out (concerning the one topic I pulled from this compilation) I simply didn't approve of.

I don't think I would have a need for any other game if this sort of immersion was added.

22-May-2019 05:38:34

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