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24th of December

Hi and welcome to the
Christmas Countdown Advent-ure

Today is a lovely challenge, because Christmas is about giving; we’re asking you to
nominate one friend, for Gold Premier Club.

Tell us why you think your friend is deserving, in
less than 100 words,
- we want to know all of the reasons why you feel they're worth it. The soppier the story, the better! ;)

As with the other creative competitions, your submissions won't be hidden.

The most heartfelt nomination will win
Gold Premier Club!
... And because Christmas is about both
giving and recieving
- we'll throw you
Three Bonds as a thank you!

Not heard about the Premier Club yet?
Click here to find out more about it!

The usual
Terms and Conditions

Best of luck!

Mod Meadows.
~RuneScape Community Management.

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My nomination is:

Even when he'd have reason to be in low spirits, he always aspires to be cheerful. A partyhat might be out of his reach for now, but this certainly shouldn't be! > )
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My nomination is: Princess Rae

Rae has to be one of the most loving, caring, joyful, and calm human beings (or rabbits) I have ever known. She has led her clan for many years in a gracious manner and has dedicated many hours to hosting events to help anyone and everyone that needs it. She never turns an eye on anyone and always sees things through. I could honestly write a book about all of the wonderful things shes done but instead I'll suggest that everyone take a chance to go and get to know her yourself.

Thanks for everything Rae!
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20-Dec-2018 13:39:35

Real Zem
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Real Zem

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I nominate: Questcaping (Currently Frostcaping)

He's just the best. He's always an ear to hear you when you need it, and a friend to talk to just for fun when you don't. He gives great advice and help in playing the game. He teaches children English as a second language, and always has the best stories after class. And to top it all off, he was an outstanding D&D player when he had the time. Always playing and speaking in character, and making a character you should hate absolutely endearing.

That's why I nominate Questcaping.

20-Dec-2018 14:02:29



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My nomination: Surssic.

We are so different yet we share so much in common. Even in game, he plays Oldschool while I play RS3. He always sees a silver lining and he's there for me whenever I need someone. I have no way of describing how happy and thankful I am for having him in my life.

He has been playing the F2P game and I think membership would make him jump for joy.

20-Dec-2018 14:07:21

Derrik Wolf
Aug Gold Premier Club Member 2004

Derrik Wolf

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I nominate: Skeptokkul

I introduced him to Runescape in 2007, right before he joined the Army.He loved it! He was helpful and always up for a wilderness run or a few hours of skilling while we chatted.

When he was sent to Iraq, he and his Army buddies chipped in for satellite internet so we could still play together while he was overseas!

When he was sent to Afghanistan, it was the same.

Now that he is home and working full time to support his kids, we don't get to play together all that often but, he still deserves a Gold Premier!

I think he'd play more often if he could

: )

20-Dec-2018 14:20:05

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my nomination: SkimpyXAngel.

shes a lovely friend of mine who has a hard time keeping her membership up sometimes, has recently maxed and we spend a lot of time together, currently shes on vacation and free to play. I'd love to have my friend come back and play so we can boss and stuff together.

she only recently game back but had to leave after max due to irl stuff and the fact that $11/month she felt wasn't worth it to her with how little she plays. I'd love to suprise her with VIP members for the year.
*~War Tortoise

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The "soppier", the better eh?

Alright, I nominate ArgetGarzjla because:
Quite some time ago, he was dressed up nicely in his brand new clothes to go to a big family feast (I'm guessing it was a wedding). While he was waiting for his parents to get ready, he decided to play outside a bit with his younger brother. After a short while he came back inside, but not to check how much longer it'd take to head to the feast, no... He somehow managed to fall... straight into the pond and him and his clothes were soaking wet just when his parents were ready to go.

"Soppy" enough for you? :P

Edit: He recently graduated and I want to give him a nudge to get back into runescape. I know he wants to play it so I hope to win him this membership as a present and have some fun with my cousin :)

Everything was fine after a shower and some fresh clothes btw
~ Ice ~



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arcblade kb

arcblade kb

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I'll go ahead and do it: EVERYONE!!!!
Let's face it, without the rest of the RS Community, no one would have any fun.
I can't even say it would be a solo game, because without the continuing membership of the community, all of the RS Servers would shut down, the game wouldn't even be solo play.
Without the RS game, we wouldn't have the RS Forums or the RS Reddit.
We'd be cut off from the insanity of the various Jmods when they post on Twitter or do a Q&A/liveestream.
We wouldn't have the folks who go on Youtube to do creative videos about something we can all relate to.
We wouldn't see the artistic talent of people contributing concept art or jokes about things we go "yeah, that's funny because I know what this is about."
Without each other, we wouldn't be where we all are now. Players and developers, together.
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My nomination is: K3stang

This person isn't my friend, he's my brother. He introduced me to RuneScape way back in 2006. However, he hasn't been playing continuously for as long as I have. Every time he has returned to RuneScape, he has never played for more than a month but due to mobile being released he has started to play a lot more frequently. I want to show him my appreciation for introducing me to such an amazing game by having him gifted the gold premier club (and so he is enticed to keep playing!)

20-Dec-2018 16:01:47

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