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Christmas Advent-ure Winners!

Hey team,

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a wonderful time over the festive period and had a great time to relax.

It's time to announce the winners, all have been selected at random, good luck!

1st & 2nd - Jigsaw

Calcarb said:
Phew finished it

3rd - Caption Content

Angel Sarah said:
It's Cold Up Here... I don't want end up like this statue !

4th - Word Search (Gods)

Smoked Pork said:
There is:


There's also a bonus god hidden in there... V :P

5th - Evil Reindeer - 2011

Pippyspot said:

6th - Poem

Notuzo said:
Captain Rovin

7th - Picture Submission

Celes said:
Have you heard about the Mining and Smithing rework?

8th & 9th - Jigsaw

Sadez said:
Did from work XD

10th - Caption Content

Immortalized said:
Left the balloons tied down. Guess penguins really cannot fly.

11th - Word Search (Combat)

Phizzy Wiz said:

12th - Evil Reindeer - 2009

Lanel said:

13th - Poem

Peabody said:

14th - Picture Submission

Kenny2103 said:
Sorry for killing you all the time. Here's a peace offering.

15th & 16th - Jigsaw

BerryPi said:

17th - Caption Content

Hola said:
Sorry, It was getting a bit hot so I thought i’d air the place out.

18th - Word Search (Locations)

Lionkey said:

19th - Evil Reindeer - 2010

Nothin Toxic said:

20th - Poem

JoeyBiatch said:
Fred the farmer?

21st - Picture Submission

Farming said:
Passed out in the aftermath:

22nd - Spend a day with JMods

Apple TT said:
Mod Gee because she’s be cute af
Mod Ash because he’s cuter af
Mod Meadows because I wanna see him stare at Gee all day XD

23rd - Tell a Christmas Joke

Rooh said:
What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?


24th - Gifting Gold to a friend

Isotropy said:
My nomination is: Casssandra

A cherished friend who's gone through so much, I instantly thought of Casssandra for this gift. Recently, Casssandra's family home area and surroundings were devastated by Hurricane Maria. After months of waiting and hoping for things on the island to go back to close to normal, she and her family (with 2 kids) had to make the difficult choice of leaving the only place they've ever called home and start over. Casssandra no longer has the disposal income to purchase membership packages, often going months at a time without membership. This Christmas, with your help, I could only wish that Casssandra could get such a great gift from the game she's spent oh so many years relaxing on. Also, due to her family move this year, this is the first year that Casssandra and her family are seeing snow and building perfect snowmen ^_^ (outside of RuneScape, of course).

Thank you for being you, Casssandra.

25th - Tell us the best part of your day!

Teady159 said:
Cookies for breakfast. Cookies for lunch. Cookies for dinner. ;)

What was my favorite gift? Hmmmmm. I got this electric scooter when I was, say, ten or so. When you're ten an electric scooter is THE gift. And I agree, but the best part about this scooter is that it had a horn. Yep, a horn. You'd see me, riding my little blue scooter with flame decals (you know they made it faster) past my friends, honking that little horn of mine. That horn gave me cool kid points.

Gotta go get the chocolate chippers from the pantry. See ya later!

Marg H said:
My favorite part of Christmas day today was submitting application essays for 3 dental schools, which made my father happy. I still have 9 more schools to go, but at least, I have 18 other schools already finished. Other than this, my brother and I cooked together, and with our parents, we had a delicious meal.

My favorite present is from my sister - my siblings and I will be attending a cooking class. This is my first time joining a cooking lesson and I'm definitely looking forward to it. I hope that I can learn a lot, so I can continue to make yummy food for my family and friends! :)

Merry Christmas, everyone! :D
Also, thank you Jagex for your dedication and time to improving and expanding Runescape!

Magic Angel said:
My favourite part of Christmas is midnight mass.

The church is about 6 blocks away and we walk. If the sky is clear the stars can be seen. And coming home after is just so peaceful. We open one gift when we get home.

Molly Weazly said:
My favorite part of Christmas Day is spending the morning sipping coffee with a little Irish Cream in it and watching my family opening their gifts.

Happy Holidays to everyone! =)

Notugami said:
My favourite part of Christmas Day is getting to spend the whole day with family. My favourite present this year was all of them! :P If I happen to win Gold Premier please apply to Notugami.
Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

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Congratulations to all of the winners, I have sent you an inbox message and have applied the winnings to your account. :)

Mod Meadows.
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Looks like this Advent-ure was held a lot more professionally than the previous one, so good job for that. Also congrats for those who won the genuine prizes! > )

@Jagex, since you're probably gonna do this again next Christmas, please replace the MTX prizes with something more meaningful in the future, like membership. That way you'll demonstrate true generosity, because otherwise it'll just come across as product placement.
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