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01.) Acct. Name: Link1020

02.) Combat Level P2P: 119

03.) Total Levels: 2126

04.) Average hours you play daily: 2-3

05.) Time are you usually on (include time zone): EST: Occasionally, some hours from 10am->5pm, usually 11pm->2am

06.) Who, or what, enticed you to apply: I used to enjoy being a part of a clan. It has many benefits. Your clan description and rules resonated with me. Thought I would give you a shot!

07.) Ever been in a clan like this? If yes, what made you leave: I was in TUO (The Unified Order), and I left because I took a break from RS and didn't feel enough loyalty toward TUO to go back. Time for new chapters.

08.) Do you agree to follow our rules: Yes.

09.) What is the DESIGNATED APP WORD found in Clan Rules: Stone

10.) List one or two ways you can earn points within the clan: Attending events and capping

11.) Do you commit to promoting the clan whenever you can, including in-game advertising and bumping (if you don't know what this is, please ask): Sure

12.) Do you promise to remain in our Clan Chat at ALL times while in-game: Yeah. No problem. It provides entertainment anyways.

13.) What is it you hope to achieve by being part of The Outcast: Access to the Citadel is nice. However, I also enjoy being a part of a symbiotic group. I enjoy helping people and getting help in return.

14.) What are some of your in-game goals? What motivates you to achieve them: I've always wanted the Quest Cape. They just keep adding quests when I take breaks from the game. XD. I've played Runescape since OG Runescape, and I just want to keep enjoying the game.

15.) Anything else you'd like us to know about you:

I'm eager to be a part of an active group of people who are interested in engaging with their community and having a good time. I can't dedicate the hours I used to back when I was 16, but I like to help and I will definitely never be a problem for you.

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Thank you for your application which has been successful. In order to get you into clan, please either add me (or one of the other clannies), or alternatively join our clan chat, and we will give you that invite.
As you have taken the trouble to apply via forums, you will receive 4 clan points once you have joined us.
Thank you for choosing our clan, I hope that you enjoy your stay with us :)
Live each day as if it's your last. Love everyone and hurt no-one :)
Remembering Puro :)

22-May-2019 23:14:29

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Event: Elite Dungeon
Type (scheduled or unscheduled): scheduled
Time of event (in GMT): 5pm - 7pm GMT
Event host: Jedy
Po Ke
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