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Declination Letter


Thank you for your interest in our clan, but we're sorry to inform you that your application has been declined because you don't meet enough of our requirements.

You're welcome to contact us about joining in the future once these are met.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
~ Sicariu
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17-Apr-2019 22:23:04

Yoda I am
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Yoda I am

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¤ Display Name:Yoda I Am

¤ Combat Level:138
¤ Total Level:2385

¤ Do you meet all of our skill level requirements?:Yes
» If no, what levels are you missing?:

¤ What is your best PvM gear?:Malevolent Head,chest,legs,torva boots, razorback gloves, nox scythe, amulet of souls. ring of death

¤ What clans have you previously been a member of?: TUO
» Reason(s) for leaving:Not enough PvM events, mostly just bank standing and mini games.

¤ Do you plan to use our Citadel?:I plan to cap every week on whatever the clan needs that week

¤ Favorite Boss(es)?:Vindicta, Rax, Arma, Zammy, KK

¤ Are you interested in joining our Discord Server?:Yes, its a much more convenient way to communicate with everyone.

¤ Anything else you'd like to include:I have finally gotten back into PvM and I want to learn the harder bosses to experience the end game content.

25-Apr-2019 23:46:53

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