Make Treasure Hunter P2P

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As Avoriso said, why would they give up this income? Come on, another daily "free" key in Treasure Hunter isn't that big a lure.

And bonds are only a win-win for Jagex as Transcendent pointed out. They wouldn't have introduced them if they were a loss.

As for the outcry over giving f2p so-called "member's" content? That's a few loud individuals on these forums whose biases are well-known. Hardly a massive outcry. And it's two things that are going to f2p: (1) content that is dated and not of much use or interest to p2p but helps balance the f2p game, and (2) teasers for truly what is a draw for people to get members -- actual content. Think, Missing, Presumed Death or Priest in Peril.

The assumptions you've made for your argument don't hold up. No support.

21-Nov-2017 03:58:04

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