The Iron Ore Scourge

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Top Hat Man
Apr Member 2019

Top Hat Man

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Hi, non-member here trying to get back at it for a little bit.

I've noticed it's basically impossible to mine iron ore where without being overrun by bots. Even the spots that are a 5-minute walk away from a bank aren't doing very well... Is there anything I can do? Where should I go for iron mining.

Also, why aren't bots being addressed more seriously? In my opinion, their incessant presence in the game (and the addition of G.E.) makes the f2p experience pretty impossible to enjoy unless you like being incredibly inefficient. Prices are amazingly low and there's nowhere to skill.

Any tips to make it more enjoyable?

25-Apr-2019 14:52:54

Iron Robsham
Aug Gold Premier Club Member 2018

Iron Robsham

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I don't play f2p, but glancing down the world list the f2p skill total worlds look almost empty, surely that's where you go for botless f2p? Anyone that wants catering to make ironman easier should be renamed wannabe-man and have their ironman icon replaced with a dunce hat.

25-Apr-2019 18:03:30

Old Orius

Old Orius

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Yeah mining bots are everywhere unfortunately. I've even seen bots deep in the dwarf mine chugging wine mining the iron right from under the scorpions. I feel sorry for the new players who have to deal with it, but I suppose there's always rune essence to train it. I just stick with the skill worlds to avoid them.

27-Apr-2019 03:34:12

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