Attack style rework strikes?

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Hello I was wondering whats going on with that attack style update, I took my regular setup and grabbed a d2h for pking and noticed my claws were set to attack. So I swapped them over to strength, but it also appears that my d2h was changed to and i got 61 attack on my maxed med. Is there anyone still dealing with this issue? I was hoping to get it set back, any help will be great.

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25-Apr-2019 18:02:55

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Hello, I'm glad you're being very mature about the situation. I'm sure Jagex is looking into it. Send a tweet on Twitter to the RuneScape/Jagex twitter for a possible faster reply since on the forums they aren't as active as they used to be.

Good luck! :)
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25-Apr-2019 20:23:48

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