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29-Mar-2019 13:28:16

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Channel One - While alerting people to a scam is one thing, naming individuals or groups who are scamming isn't something that can be done via the forums. Instead, scamming should be reported ingame where applicable. As your post was naming individuals who were scamming, it has been removed.

30-Mar-2019 16:20:13

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Right now there is a popular scam happing around the Grand Exchange that I have been seeing for a couple of days. Someone runs around the G.E. saying something like "150b Drop party Falador Party Room World 392!" Guys this is a LURE/SCAM! The world they tell you to go to is a PvP world and for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a world where people can attack you in common areas! The best advice I can give to keep you safe is to ignore people saying this and continue on with your business so you don't lose any of your items! Also always bank all of your items and equipment too! Hello there! I'm literally that Scrub ;)+

10-Apr-2019 05:32:00

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