player crashing others at Corp

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Hi, i am a solo corp pvmer, i keep tele-ing in and out of corp cave to spec the boss until it has 0-1 stats to allow for a convenient kill. However there is a player who constantly scouts worlds with his alt waiting for solo/ duo players like myself to completely spec the boss and then logs on to his main to steal the kill which i have worked to hard for. It is insanely frustrating that i cant even report him cause i doubt that any action will be taken since its not quite ban-able. In other words it doesn't break any of the rules mentioned when you attempt to report a player.
Its really unfair and makes corp unenjoyable as i am constantly under pressure to spec the boss as quickly as i can to avoid to being crashed.. i am aware of the private instance, however i am a solo player and if i die i believe i will not be able to retrieve items, and since killing corp requires us to have several expensive items in our inventory ( bgs, spear etc) i will mostly likely lose a lot if i die, ( which does happen on rare occasions) . Really dont know what to do at this point and i hope something can be done about this....
I am aware of the player ign, however im not sure whether posting it publicly would be against the rules and regulations here hence i am keeping it anonymous..

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just get good and beat him for kills.

but seriously, he most likely wont stop could ask friends for an anti crash if he starts however. but if you consistently start beating him for kills he wont keep crashing you.

or join a clan and do corp in a team, much quicker kills per hour.
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