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Postbag from the Hedge!

Welcome back to the Postbag from the Hedge, bringing you insight from some of RuneScape’s most talked about monsters and residents. For those who have never experienced one of Postie Pete’s Postbags here’s a message from the man himself about who he is and how you can get in touch.

“I’m Postie Pete and I relay the messages you send to to the various characters, monsters and inanimate objects in Gielinor. The replies range from the serious to the funny or down right outrageous. Occasionally they event hint at up-and-coming content!

I couldn’t think of a more special way to celebrate Christmas than visiting some of my favourite friends from RuneScape, so for this edition I’m hoping to spread the festive cheer all around Gielinor. Yep, that’s right, this postbag is a giant free-for-all! Direct your letters at any character or monster; whether you’ve got a burning question to ask or simply want to find out a bit more about your favourite Gielinor monster, I’ll pass it on!

That’s it from me for now, so Merry Christmas and I’ll see you all again soon!

To submit your Christmassy questions to your favourite (or unfavourite) NPCs please read the submission guidelines below and then send your questions to the Postbag email address.

Beware: Due to the nature of the Postbag, you may find spoilers for previous content.

Here is where you can talk about the Postbag from the Hedge. You can comment on the answers posted, or perhaps try to work out what the Chaos Elemental is hinting at.

We'll try to answer any questions you have, but bare in mind that questions for NPCs must be directed to the Postbag email address and please include your in-game display name so we can credit you appropriately.

If your questions is interesting enough, you'll earn a place in one of our Postbags, alongside other questions from your fellow players. These Postbags are published on our website for all to see and stay visible for a good many months to come. Now that's an honour!

Postbag from the Hedge Submission Guide

Make your sure your question is Festive enough or it might get lost in the post bag!

Try to write as if you were speaking to the character in real life. For example, don't ask why someone has so many hitpoints, ask why they are so tough.

We can't talk about future updates so try not to include questions that focus on what is to come.

Include your account name with anything you submit to us so we can credit you appropriately.

Email your questions to – no links please!

Take a look at our Postbag archive here to get some inspiration – just don’t forget to keep your own submissions awesome and original!

Get creative and have fun! :D

Format shamelessly 'stolen' from Mod Emilee and Mod Michelle

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Yipee! I love PostBag. Glad to see it back! :)

EDIT: Yay! My Letter got replies. Merry Fightsmas Everyone!

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Thank you for bringing this back! I missed it!

Question: With the old postbag, we weren't allowed to write letters to the gods. Are we allowed to now or does that rule still apply?

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