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Mod Paul M

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Your Competition Ideas

Hi guys,
We've a list as long as your arm of competitions that we plan to run. Thing is, we often get really good suggestions from the RuneScape community too whether that's in passing in game or here on the forums.
Right now, they're written on post-it notes around my monitor (other small sticky yellow notes are available!) but there's no forum thread dedicated to your competition ideas.. until now.
So yes, if you've a great, workable and well, realistic idea for a competition, here's where to let us know. We don't need masses of detail, just your basic ideas are perfect (we'll soon be in touch if we need to know more!).
Hohbein and I love our competitions and we'll be back regularly to see what you've come up with and where possible, help develop ideas that are heading towards greatness. :)
Paul M

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Naff Sale
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Naff Sale

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Hi there Paul M and the ladies and lads who organise competitions. I will list short and snappy ideas, if you want more detail then I can explain them a bit more
1. In-game Drama contest- everyone would gather in a house and people could do a performance, maybe vidded and winner voted or a panel to select the best act.
2. Forum Story/Poetry contest, love reading the story ones but since Craddock left they haven't happened, and Poetry has never been done as for as i'm aware of.
3. RUNESCAPE acroyn of the month, people make 1 for Runescape like Jagex stands for Java Gaming Experts and maybe players could choose 1 for Runescape and it's put under the banner?
4. Runefest outfit contest, people who go can enter and a winner is chosen as they arrive at Runefest.
5. Stealing Creation battle, make an advertisement and people choose a team which contain 100 per clan chat then the 2 channels battle., or maybe more than 2 channels?
6. Thread of the year, maybe see which of the Thread of the Weeks are alive and a vote could happen to vote the Thread of the Year.
7. ASCII art contest. People may copy so entries could be confidential or hidden. Maybe done on a theme such as Dungeoneering. the authors name should be written in an intercate place so avoid copying or using existing art.
8. The best of the players Gallery Contest, select the best peices from the Gallerys throughout the years.
9. In a few months maybe a Chrsitmas Card competition, I'm sure they had one of those a few years ago.
10. SW competition, top SW clans VS a huge collection of players, and whoever wins the game is the winner.
11. The person who can come up with the most competition ideas :P only messing lol.
Also...Maybe there could be something D&D based, it is nearly the 1 year aniversary and they seem to have been abandonned (sp?) by their curator so a contest would be fun.
This is what I can think of from the top of my head, may reply later on if i can think of anymore :)

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Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden

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How about a real PvP tournament?
Not one where maxed mains will just dominate everyone, how about some rules or combat level splits?
By PvP tournament, I mean organized 1v1 battles to the top.

16-Aug-2010 16:05:54

Pythoness 4

Pythoness 4

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I realize this is for competition ideas, but I have one idea that would make great contests and players would love it.
"Hello Runescape, I just got a huge idea for the gameplay. People would love it, and surely go for it.
My idea (since I cannot post in the forum due to not being a mem anymore) is to create a horse mount for players to go about Runescape on. I have this idea for both non-mems and mems. Non-members can get only one type of horse to choose for their mount (Quarter horse, appaloosa, whatever), while members can choose from 3-5 species of their choice (Thoroughbred, Clydesdale, Morgan, Marwari, and Friesian, or other breeds chosen). This would make the game very fun for not only me but many other players.
The functions for the horse could be a walk, trot, and gallop done just like you would by clicking on the run/walk button near the circle map. You could feed the horse things like cabbage, and other plants, but the horse will not require to be fed regularly, and you can give it a name. Each player can have 1 horse only, (they can switch breeds if they are a member) and the horse can be priced between 2000-30,000gp depending on the breed for members.
Please let me know if you like this idea, I would really love to see it happen.
Thank you!"
With this, you could have competitions with best groomed horse, (horseshoes, braided manes, cleanliness, etc.), you could also have racing competitions as well, to see who's horse is faster (This can be members only).

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Zero Fear
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Zero Fear

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Hey Mod Paul M,
I hope my suggestions are considered i know you may love them. Idk i gave a few ideas i will comment again shortly. Btw you forgot to sticky this <3 hehe.
1 skilling race ( most exp in one week, would be a great way to catch bots lol)
2 funny ingame screenshots
3 best art (game concept)
4 Possibly a community video guide on how to help others?
5 Everyone loves comedy videos!
6 Best jagex intro vid for your yt channel?
7 role playing contest? (im sure one jagex mod may like this idea)
Btw i think we should have annuel Help the community day. J mods and players alike can go do a event then go to free to play and inform them of information they may or may not know. As a community activist and a personable player i belive this would be a nice event.

~THe Zero
15 Year RS Veteran|OSRS Player|@RS_ZeroFear
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Dart Plegius

Dart Plegius

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A fighting competition.
You must see how fast you are able to kill monsters. Without familliars and for each possible combat level (3-138).
I imagine:
Like 5 monsters in a row: Ogre - Lesser Demon - Greater Demon - Blue Dragon - Hellhound. < This would be for a level 80-90 <.
Then the player must click on some button and your time is recorded.
* Only 1 time try
* No familliars
* Food is allowed; potions, on the other hand, are not. If still under the effect of a potion, you cannot enter.
* No Prayer
* The first of each combat level will get 3 months membership.
* The runner-ups of each combat level will get 1 month membership.
* The one with the fastest time of all combat levels together will get a bonus 3 month membership.
* Anyone who participated can claim a cape from Diango with a dragon on the back.
~~Dart Plegius~

16-Aug-2010 18:57:10

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Hmm, I agree with the other guys on a screenshot competition. Maybe who has the nicest ingame house?
EDIT: I think you have done this before but a best ingame outfit competition?

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I think a Duel Arena Compettion would be good because its safe and people don't necessarliy will lose items.

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16-Aug-2010 19:35:53

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