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Diamond bolts are far too weak, no one pks with those in the wilderness. Bring back dragon bolts e to give range some K0 potential. Right now only melee can really k0 causing people to camp protect melee. Runescape is rng based and d bolts make this more fast paced and exciting.

Its balanced, with dbolts e you could camp range and with the right rng, out dps someone who is tribriding, making it cater to unskilled playstyles.

Pj timer is far too long, it was perfectly fine before. Just makes the game slower and after I kill someone I have to wait a long time to begin another fight.

Its fine as it is, people need time to loot keys and reset their inventory

I think we should be able to drop some food and loot it form the opponent. Reward those that get more kills and make this more like a survival game.

Getting kills is already rewarded in form of gear upgrades

Magic is too overpowered with the ahrims staff. Mage can already freeze and is the most accurate style, bring back the ancients staff.

Using magic makes you more vulnerable to your opponents attacks because you have to switch to robes. Also its harder to one tick magic scince you have to click the spell and then on the opponent, so its balanced. The ahrims staff only boost damage by 1 and has the same accuracy as the ancient staff anyway.

Make LMS playable on only one world so it isn't boostable by clans.


I honestly prefer the original LMS more because it had more survival elements and prayer wasn't unlimited. Can we keep the original LMS version on a seperate world as well?

support for not unlimited prayer and smite pray, also support for an original version of LMS on another world, even tho i dont really enjoy it im sure many poeple do
Dont make easily botted activities such as skilling profitable

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