Seed Vault has Flaw Currently

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Chief Sonic
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Chief Sonic

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Currently every sapling and seed is able to be put in the seed vault.

The flaw is that it has 2 less slots in the vault than seeds/saplings.

Meaning you have to have 2 seeds or saplings in the bank...

Please Fix. Been messed up 3 weeks...

15-Aug-2019 22:15:00

cooke fletch

cooke fletch

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first level seeds and saplings don't give enough exps to be worth it. What I do is put apple seeds in pots, and sell them as saplings. Then if I need apple seeds for any reason I can always buy new ones for a fraction of the sapling.

If you are an ironman, you can plant the low level seeds until you are to the level to do the next and then drop all the new ones.
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